Volunteer Trips to Tanzania and Kenya
In  OWI's early days, Karen took volunteers to Masailand Kenya and Tanzania to teach health and self-esteem classes to women and help out at to the El Shaddai children's home. 

Hosting Cultural Celebrations and Parent Teacher Forums in Spokane, WA

In partnership with Spokane Public Schools, OWI hosted cultural celebrations to highlight the heritages of refugee students. In addition, OWI coordinated parent forums with translators and enlisted university students as tutors for refugee families.

Providing Immigrant and Refugee Services in Spokane, WA

To assist the growing population of resettled refugees and immigrants in the area, OWI coordinated clothing and school supply drives, Christmas carnivals/ book fairs, and life skills classes. In addition, OWI provided service learning opportunities for WSU nursing students by hosting health classes, personal hygiene classes,  and flu shot clinics.   

International Women's Tea Socials (Spokane, WA)

Standing for Social Justice in Vancouver, WA


Having relocated to the Vancouver area in 2014, OWI has still remained close with the NAACP and shows its support for improving the learning experience for low income, under-represented students .

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