Non-Discrimination Clause

Odyssey World International Education Services prohibits discrimination in its programs, services, policies, hiring practices and administration on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability.


Our mission is to collaboratively and compassionately advocate for social justice and serve marginalized people that are impacted by poverty and discrimination.


We envision safe, inclusive, and compassionate communities where marginalized people are empowered to create equitable opportunities for themselves and others. 

Our Values

Social Justice

Social Justice - We are committed to raising awareness, holding leaders accountable, and coordinating community efforts to fight against systematic policies that oppress marginalized members in order to protect our rights to thrive. 

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Collaboration and Service

Collaboration and Service - No single organization can alleviate the challenges that poverty and systematic discrimination bring to communities of color which increasingly include resettled refugees and immigrant families. We value collaboration with organizations that raise community awareness and promote community-based alliances that safeguard our basic human rights to live safe, meaningful, and productive lives.

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Equity in Education

Equity in Education - Economic inequality, complex power dynamics, and cross-cultural misunderstandings create additional barriers for low-income, immigrant, and minority students in public school systems. 

By partnering with educators, collaborating with other community organizations, and connecting students' families to resources, we can improve educational success of these vulnerable students.

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Inclusive Communities

Inclusive Communities -  Establishing personal connections within served communities gives context to challenges and enables us to propose sensible solutions. Therefore, we prioritize building relationships, hearing different perspectives from the people within the communities we support, and meeting people where they are at in order to work towards a solution that takes in account their voices, values, and experiences. 



Diversity adds a richness to our communities and should be recognized and celebrated. As demographics within our communities are evolving to encompass diverse cultures across race, gender, religion, and other identifying factors, we strive to bring awareness and compassion in helping those who are underrepresented.   

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