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Community Outreach

For nearly 20 years, OWI Education Services has operated with a boots-on-the ground approach when serving community members in need.  Our ability to quickly connect community members to resources and/or provide referrals is a result of our direct services and the extensive partnerships we have with educational, charitable, and religious institutions.  Our deep relationships within the communities that we serve empower community members to be more vocal about their needs and also help service providers reach new audiences. Whether it is hosting events,  providing direct services, or referring clients to our community partners,  community outreach is at the heart of what we do. 

Outreach Events

Juneteenth Freedom Celebration- Vancouver, WA

First taking place in 2022, The Juneteenth Freedom Celebration has become an annual festival in Esther Short Park. It is coordinated in partnership with the City of Vancouver and sponsored by various local organizations and businesses-- special thanks to Community Foundation of Southwest WA and the Inatai foundation. This free, family-friendly event invites the community to come together and celebrate freedom for all Americans while commemorating the abolishment of Slavery in the US. The event showcases local artists, leaders, businesses, non-profits, and other service providers from SW WA, with a special focus on featuring those from Black and Brown communities. 

“It was an incredible event, and we can't wait to participate this year! Our team is looking forward to seeing everyone!” - Shawn Donaghy, C-TRAN

Odyssey World Juneteenth 6-18-22 - Tom Cook Photo-328.jpg

“What a great event to be a part of!” - KXRW

“We are at Esther Short Park today for the annual Juneteenth Freedom Celebration! Thank you @owieducationservices for putting on such an awesome community event to celebrate Juneteenth!” - Boys + Girls Club of SWWA

Women's  Friendship Tea -Vancouver, WA

The Women's Supporting Women's Friendship Tea is an inclusive social, networking event for women residing in the Vancouver, WA area. Each year we have a guest speaker and invite dynamic women leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, and homemakers to connect over tea.  In addition to socializing with people from different backgrounds and age groups, guests can participate in raffles and silent auctions. The events are catered by female-led, local businesses only. 

”I also wanted to share my appreciation and gratitude for you including myself and the Community Foundation. It was an honor to be in space with you all and the fabulous women you amplified. ” - Ezra Khalil, Senior Program Officer of Community Foundation of SWWA

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