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Throughout the history of our organization, our main focus has been to increase equitable opportunities for under-represented and low-income youth to have more support within traditional school settings and more access to experiential learning activities.  We understand that success in school also means having access to resources that take care of one's basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, health supplies, and school supplies. It was this understanding that led to the growth of our other programs. Nevertheless, education is our first and foremost passion. 

Youth Engagement Programming

Outdoor Recreational Education, Volunteerism, and Partnerships

We partner with organizations that offer free recreational opportunities for youth. Partners have included: NAACP, Snowdays Foundation, Watershed Alliance and the City of Vancouver 's Urban youth Program. Please see our calendar or home page for upcoming events. 

College Access and Internships

FAFSA/ WAFSA Assistance

This year, OWI Education Services partnered with Clark College to provide FAFSA and WAFSA completion assistance for college-bound families. This service is scheduled to resume in Fall of 2023.


OWI Education services has expanded its internship program. We are  actively recruiting interns for the following positions:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Housing Assistance Applications

  • Clark County Women's Health Researchers

Contact our internship and volunteer coordinator for more information​ by email

Adult Training

De-Escalation Training 2022

11.18.2023 De-Escalation Training 45.JPG

We partnered with Columbia River Mental Health Services to provide De-escalation training to non-profit professionals.

Check our event calendar for the latest information about upcoming trainings. 

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