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Housing Focuses

The lack of affordable housing, financial setbacks, and employee shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic pose increased risk to housing stability for low-income families.  We are greatly concerned about the increased numbers of families with children and youth living on the streets, especially families of color and immigrant/ refugee families.  Therefore, we focus on advocating for more affordable housing and help families apply for Emergency Rental Assistance programs.   

We work in partnership with WLIHA Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance to promote voter awareness and engagement with upcoming legislature, Council for the Homeless to assist with organizing forums.

Currently, we are working with several groups to raise awareness about rental hikes within mobile home communities that target some of our most vulnerable community members. We hope to see legislative policy changes that safeguard residents of mobile home parks against outrageous rent spikes and prevent "slum lords" from increasing the rent for inhabitable spaces. 

As the lifting of rental moratoriums in WA, created issues for financially struggling families, we partnered with Emergency Rental Assistance Programs and provided application assistance to many families, especially those of color. We have offered application assistance to over 100 families since 2020. 

"I want to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I appreciate ALL THAT YOU AND ODYSSEY have done for Me and My Family”- L. Turner


Application Assistance for Emergency Rental Funds

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