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We connect community members to the following types of services through referral.
  • Emergency assistance for Rent, Food, Overnight Shelter
  • COVID-19 Resources: PPE, COVID-19 Testing, Vaccinations
  • Mental/Physical Health Referrals
  • Common Resources: Transportation, Legal Assistance, Social Support, Newborn Supplies, Education
  • Food resources: Student Food Relief, Food Banks, Meal Services for food security
  • Family Resources: Childcare, Student Education and Discipline Concerns, Advocacy in schools
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Ongoing community building groups...

Angelou's Angels | Social Support Group for African American Women

This group offers a safe space filled with  encouragement and comradery for  Black women residing in the Vancouver, WA area.   For more information, email the organizer
Terri Johnson 
BIPOC Youth Advocacy | Student, Educators,  and Parent Action Group
This is a network of community partners that come together to address inequities in education for students of color. Activities include outreach to local institutions, community forums,  participation in rallies, and supporting youth-led groups.

Who we are...

Odyssey World International Education Services is a Black-led, family- operated, education-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit that was started by Karen Morrison in Spokane, WA  back in 2006.  It has been an invaluable community partner in its work with refugee and immigrant families. It is 100% volunteer-based organization that provides resources referrals, advocacy, and community engagement opportunities. In 2015, OWI Education Services  relocated to Vancouver, WA where it has continued to promote and collaborate on projects that strengthen inclusivity within increasingly diverse communities in the US and abroad. 

Our team 


Karen Morrison, Founder/Executive Director (2006-now)

Loveita Morrison, Deputy Director (2006-now)


Board of Directors 

Rita Rubenstein, PHD- Secretary and Editor                                Jennifer Wyld, PHD- R & D Scholar, Event Manager   

Shelby Davis, Jr. Treasurer                                                              Terri Johnson, Parental Advocate and Media manager       

Sarah Chivers, PHD- Curriculum Advisor & Researcher           Gabriella Ewing, Community Engagement

Carmen Huizar, College Service-Learning Coordinator 


Children's Alliance- Washington  | NAACP Vancouver, WA|  Free Hot Soup Vancouver| Seeds of Greatness Ministries Bridgeview Resource Center|  Treasurer of State Washington| | Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance|  and many more...see "PARTNERS, SPONSORS, FUNDERS" for a complete list. 




Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance

Advocacy Award Winner  2021

Children's Alliance:
Brewster Denny Rising Advocate Award Winner 2020

Bonner Leader Partner of the Year Award Winner 2009 & 2010, Whitworth University

NAACP Northwest Regional Chapter:
Community Leader of the Year Award Winner 2012

Chase Youth Award: Community Asset Builder Award Winner 2012

Youth Advocate Award 2009, Links Incorporated

Community Service Award 2008, NAACP's Spokane Chapter